Coloring update

Hello everyone, I know it's been a while since there has been any activity around here but I'm back! Around 3-4 months ago I wrote about my latest hobby/obsession - coloring or to be more precise, coloring books for adults. What started out as a simple distraction has now become so much more. I think it's about time I upgraded coloring to the status of HOBBY. I've amassed quite a few art supplies over the last few months and even introduced my mom to coloring.

So what have I been coloring since May? These are my latest completed pictures from various coloring books. It may not seem like a lot but each image takes anywhere from 20 - 30 hours! I'm learning new techniques practically every week and I've even ventured into watercolors. Coloring is one of the few things I do that doesn't require me to stare at a screen and it has a firm place in my roster - as of now.

My current work in progress is a picture of sea life from Lost Ocean. I'm coloring in the background with black first before attempting the actual picture. I haven't yet decided whether to use color pencils or pens on this one. Stay tuned for some more posts on coloring, tips & tricks, techniques, art supplies and more!