Enchanted Forest

This week's book is by Johanna Basford again! This book is the second one her series and it's called Enchanted Forest. I love Johanna's artwork and this book is one of my favorites.

Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford


Johanna's books always include a hidden object type of game where she includes certain small objects in various stages and you have to find them. There is a list of objects that you can find and a key at the back of the book with the solutions. 

This book contains many double-page spreads that will take quite some time to finish. Most of them do not go into the spine of the book but there are a few that will give you trouble. 

On the other hand, the book lays relatively flat so it's not too much trouble to get into the spine. Like all of her books, it is printed on both sides on thick cream colored paper. As always, test your mediums in one of the pages at the back for shadowing and bleed through.


In Enchanted Forest, the pages are laid out to tell a story or rather a journey. You will find a detailed map on one of the first pages that shows all the locations you will be visiting throughout the book. 

As you color the pages one by one, you see each of the locations come to life. At the end of the book, you reach the castle gates that is your destination. There is a surprise waiting at the end!

As the title of the book suggests, the pictures are all about forests. So there are plenty of leaves to color. Some people get tired of coloring trees and leaves all the time but remember, leaves don't always have to be green. 

Try out different combinations like fall leaves (reds, browns, yellows, and oranges) or even dreamlike/fantasy colors. I've seen some pictures where the leaves are colored with blues, pinks or purples.

The artwork in this book is less intricate than in Lost Ocean. There are wide open spaces that you can color with abandon and create amazing backgrounds for each image. Even within the objects, you have plenty of space to practice different techniques. I haven't had to use my pens to get into really small spaces although you still need a sharp point on your pencils.

Paper Quality

The paper in this book is lovely. It is a cream-colored paper. All the pictures are printed double-sided. There are many double-page spreads to enjoy. The paper has plenty of tooth. It has the perfect balance between smooth and coarse. The paper is medium thickness and weight. 

Suitable Media

  • Excellent for colored pencils of any kind
  • Pens are ok
  • No alcohol markers but water-based ones are fine
  • Watercolor is also good


Enchanted Forest sells for less than $10. It is a steal at that price. I like this one much better than Secret Garden (paper quality) and Lost Ocean (intricacy). It's a great book for beginners and experts alike. 

Even if you just fill the pages with solid color, the designs are so enchanting that the end result will look beautiful. Experts can take their time with shading and blending to create exquisite pieces. This is the book I would recommend for anyone who loves nature and animals.