Rainforest Escape

The next book I'm reviewing today is quite an unusual one. Jade Gedeon has lived in many countries and her love of nature shows through in her illustrations. Her coloring books are inspired by Trinidad where she spent her childhood and the artwork shows beautiful forests, birds and tropical animals.

Rainforest Escape by Jade Gedeon


Rainforest Escape has more than 100 pages of illustrations with some double spreads sprinkled in between. It really is an unusual book - it's made for watercolor! There are 2 unique aspects to this book:
  • All the images are printed on one side. The double page spreads fold out from the center, so you don't have to push your pens, pencils, and brushes into the spine of the book.
  • The paper is made for watercolor so you can use water to your heart's content. Anyone who has ever wished to paint in coloring books, this is the book for you!


The artwork is really beautiful in this book. Lush forests, tropical animals and birds, flowers and greenery abound in its pages. There are a few non-nature scenes like a surfboard or the hammock on a beach but it all revolves around island life. 

The artwork is in a loose, flowing style that lends itself to blending, washes, and flexible coloring. You don't have to be careful and precise as in other coloring books. It adds to the whole experience of using watercolors.

Paper Quality

The paper in this book is made for watercolor and since the images are single-sided, you can also use alcohol markers or pens. The paper itself is fairly thick and takes well to water. It can take more of it than your average coloring book. If you make a mistake with a particular color, you can add more water and move it around. This is usually not possible in regular paper. 

Suitable Media

  • Bad for colored pencils
  • Watercolor pencils are amazing!
  • Water-based markers are good


At $12, it's a good value. The artwork is gorgeous and the finished images look like watercolor paintings. It is a great book for anyone who is new to watercolors and wants to practice. Since the pages are perforated, you can even take them out and frame them. If you have used watercolors in other coloring books and been disappointed, this is the one for you!