Coloring to sketching?

When I first started coloring, I never imagined it would turn into a hobby. But not only have I started coloring regularly but it's also prompted me to start drawing. I used to draw and sketch as a kid and loved doing it.

My mom first noticed that I had a talent for drawing when I was eight years old. We were studying birds in science and I was supposed to draw different types of beaks – ranging from ducks and pigeons to eagles and vultures. The pictures turned out quite well and my mom encouraged me to keep drawing.

I sent handmade greeting cards with pictures that I had drawn myself to the family. I even had a sketchbook that I filled up with my favorite comic characters and cartoons. Somewhere along the way, adult me quite forgot the joy of drawing, sketching, and coloring.

Getting back into coloring with other coloring books got me thinking. Why shouldn't I revive another old hobby as well? So I got some graphite pencils, a few Pitt pens and dug out an old Starthmore sketchbook I'd bought a couple of years ago. I began drawing.

Now I want to say that I'm not particularly talented or experiences with sketching. I'm no artist and neither am I disciplined enough to practice daily. It's just something fun and creative to do, along with coloring, Most of what I draw and learn is from watching YouTube videos. Out of a few dozen or so drawings, I might only like a couple of them.

I leave some of my drawings as ink sketches while others I fill with color. Some of them I particularly like and others not so much. I don't have any goal or purpose with my sketching. I may never get better at it either. I do it just because I like doing it. But then again, I started coloring because I wanted to and gradually got better along the way. Who knows, maybe I'll get better at drawing too.