Why I love coloring

This question has been making the rounds on coloring channels recently. It got me thinking about what got me into coloring and what keeps me going. When I bought my first coloring book, I didn't really know I was joining a popular trend. I saw a book I liked and wanted to color. That was pretty much it.

3 years in, I'm still coloring. I watch tutorials on Youtube, browse for ideas online and read about coloring mediums and supplies. So what keeps me coloring? Why do I love it so much?

    It's relaxing. Coloring allows me to zone out.

    It's creative. There's no logic when I'm coloring. I can color the sky red and leaves purple if I want.

    It's a non-screen hobby. This is important to me. Coloring is totally analog.

    I like the feeling of pencils in my hand. The physical act of coloring itself makes me feel better.

    I get a beautiful page at the end of the day. Something I can hang on the walls or show off to people

    Coloring isn't competitive. No one's waiting for my masterpiece!

    If I want to ruin a page, I can damn well do it. If I make a mistake, who cares? I'm no artist, I just color!

    There's no wrong way to color. I color whatever I want.